Do we know your business?

Our staff has years of experience in all facets of the restaurant industry. This extensive knowledge allows us to implement tried and true best practices to meet the needs of our clients. We share your passion for the restaurant industry.

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Quick Service

Operators appreciate the fact that NetFinancials understands this market segment having successfully worked with some of the biggest names in quick-service burgers.

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Fast Casual

Restaurateurs trust us to count the beans in this expanding market segment while they cook 'em! We monitor and report on critical indicators of restaurant health such as daily sales, year-on-year comps, return-on-investment and cash-on-cash return.

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Casual Dining

Every NetFinancials employee has worked in a casual dining concept. We understand the critical operating principles employed to run a successful multi-unit restaurant company.

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Fine Dining

Fine-dining is one of the most challenging, difficult and rewarding operations to run. NetFinancials knows that staying on top of your numbers is essential to success.